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  • 19.12.2012 Map of Misreading by the 2012 Piet Zwart Institute


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    Presentation about Map of Misreading
    a publication by the 2012 Piet Zwart Institute Fine Art’s graduates i.c.w. Christina Li

    Lars Brekke, Edward Clive, Edmund Cook, Catarina de Oliveira, Jane Fawcett, Toon Fibbe, Frode Markhus, Fran Meana, Anouchka Oler, Kirsty Roberts, Deniz Unal with Joris Kritis and Julie Peeters.
    Published by Piet Zwart Institute



    A Map of Misreading, is a compilation of 2012 Piet Zwart Institute Fine Art graduates’ preoccupations during their two years in the Masters programme and was published at the occasion of their final exhibition A Map of Misreading at TENT in July 2012. This exhibition, borrows its title from literary critic Harold Bloom’s book of the same title, is an investigation of the genealogy of poetic influence.

    Working together with the conceptual architecture devised by designers Joris Kritis and Julie Peeters, the graduating artists were asked to consider the task of adapting and reworking their master theses within a given number of pages, as well as to consider the existing relationships between text and images for this particular task.

    The presentation at San Serriffe will showcase a number of customized book covers – an adaptation of Neil Diamond’s iconic album cover for Shilo (1970) – by the graduates, to activate reflections to the design processes during and after the publishing of the book, beyond the life span of the exhibition.
    The book was edited by Christina Li, who also curated the graduate exhibition this summer in Rotterdam.