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  • 04.08.2015 Summer Break


    San Serriffe is closed until end of August.

    See you in September and enjoy your summer!

  • 18.07.2015 Roma’s Summer Party a.k.a. Launch of Roma Publications at Fondazione Giuliani, Rome



    with a short concert by Wouter van Riessen, a reading by Nickel van Duijvenboden and music by Experimental Jetset
    Catalogue of Roma Publications’ exhibition at Fondazione Giuliani in Rome, from October till December 2014. Exhibition and catalogue were compiled and designed by Roger Willems, in collaboration with Lorenzo Benedetti and Marc Nagtzaam. The exhibition featured contributions by Gwenneth Boelens, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Nickel van Duijvenboden, Marlene Dumas, Geert Goiris, Kees Goudzwaard, Sara van der Heide, Arnoud Holleman, Rob Johannesma, Jan Kempenaers, Irene Kopelman, Bart Lodewijks, Mark Manders, Marc Nagtzaam, Oksana Pasaiko, Wouter van Riessen, Nancy Spero, Petra Stavast, Batia Suter, Raymond Taudin Chabot and JCJ Vanderheyden.




    with a lecture by Agnes Andeweg at 8pm



    Just what is it that makes the Southern States of North America so different, so appealing? Is it the slightly anarchic roughness of its tormented-but-free, poverty stricken inhabitants? Could it be the nostalgia-soaked image of mountain-men with beards who make their own booze and bbq their game? Or is it the sublime relationship between it’s dark & murky politics and highly influential cultural output?
    In 2010 Joris Lindhout and Maaike Gouwenberg set out to find the answer to this question. They took Southern Gothic literature as a guide and drove throughout the South for 3 months. The publication To Live in the South, One Has to be a Scar Lover is one of the results of this investigation and is presented in a riso-printed second edition, published by Zero-Desk.     

    To Live in the South, One Has to be a Scar Lover brought Lindhout in contact with journalist Martijn Haas. From their common interrest in Southern Gothic literature they started the blog, where they publish reviews and background articles on all things Southern Gothic.      

    On Thursday July 16 both the second edition of To Live in the South, One Has to be a Scar Lover and will be launched at San-Serriffe. Special guest professor Agnes Andeweg (author of Griezelig Gewoon in which she shows how the Gothic reared its head in Dutch literature) will talk about the connection between the original British Gothic and Southern Gothic. Flannery O’Connor will read from her own work and afterwards Martijn Haas will play some Southern vinyl and we will serve Punch.

  • 09.07.2015 Launch of [theatro] by Maria Lalou



    Questioning the physicality of space and the meaning of an object within its relation to a viewer, I tend to intertwine the viewer’s visual memory and imagination by repeating previous moments of an experience.The architectonic theatre features various objects and [theatro] expands on the notion of ‘view’ (‘thea’ in Greek, where the word ‘theatre’ comes from). The word ‘view’ is also the root of the word ‘theory’ [coming from the junction of the words ’thea’(=view) and ‘oro’( =to perceive)]. Intending the theory as practice, Ι composed [theatro] as an act of theory, asking ‘Does a de-construction of a composition inquire or does it request a knowledge of the past?’

    [theatro] is a rhythmical reading experience, a 5.5 meters long transcript of a seminar performance reflecting it’s original pulse and duration. It is based on the seminar performance “PUZZLE”, that took place at FROWN, Athens initiated by Maria Lalou, consisted of Katerina Drakopoulou [A], Maro Zacharogianni [B], Maria Lalou [O], Mirrored Glass Object [X] and a live-feed camera. In this work Maria Lalou uses two software platforms for writing. Powerpoint for the pre-fabricated text and a live performed text on ‘Word’, both projected on the screen from her computer. [theatro] is verbatim transcription of the piece with several functions. Next to the documentation of the PUZZLE performance in Athens and a manual reading, it also served as a script for a new play, ‘I AM A ‘Φ’.     


    Maria Lalou is an artist born in Athens in 1977. She works with the science of objects – containers, spatial installations, film and accumulated performances, developing context as of extensions of architecture. Lalou’s specialization at glass science has been evolving in contextualizing aspects of mass / surface / space/ time /duration in the sphere of cognition by challenging the bodily experience and questioning alignment of the vertical and horizontal, disposition and disorientation. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Fine Arts and from Technical University of Athens in Architecture, Design of Space – Object and Constructive Arts. She has been researcher at DasArts Amsterdam and an invited resident in e-mobilArt program for Interactive Artists.


    [theatro] is published by Onomatopee for Lalou’s solo exhibition ‘a spect’. The publication is designed in collaboration with Yin Yin Wong/Werkplats and includes an introduction to the work by Alena Alexandrova.




    You are warmly invited to this week’s event at San Serriffe


    Thursday June 25, 7.30pm—9.30pm


    John Baldessari’s work The Pencil Story, that work is about me, man. Disguised as a casual, yet somewhat scientific observation Baldessari lays out a trivial but vital problem: it seems interesting/I like it/it looks good, but what does it mean!? Sharing this problem with us all, shows an insecurity that I can reward with nothing but sympathy and understanding — or is that the same? Still, I don’t think sharpening that old pencil solved Baldessari’s frustration with the intriguing object and the location it had been for weeks, maybe even months.

    The first year students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s graphic design department were asked to make a list of subjects that intrigue them: Everyday observations, trivial quirks they obsess over but aren’t always capable of pointing out why they are interesting, really. The students organized brainstorm sessions to figure out more about these often mundane fascinations. The outcome was made into a series of posters and a newspaper which both will be presented at San Seriffe this Thursday from 19:30 till 21:30 hrs. Eduardo Leon Herrera will be spiking up your drink that night with a summery flavored punch bowl…

  • 19.06.2015 Sandberg’s Festival of Choices — Weronika Trojanska



    Study For Sturtevant Voice (Cover Version)
    an exhibition by Weronika Trojanska

    Rongwrong, Binnen Bantammerstraat 2
    San Serriffe, Sint Annenstraat 30

    This exhibition is part of
    Sandberg Instituut Graduation Master of Fine Arts “Festival of Choices 2015”

    Language is double. Voice is double.
    Voice is copy. Voice is clone.
    Voice is dispensable. Voice is disposable.
    Double is original. Copy is original.
    Language of origin.
    Voice as self. Self as copy.
    Voila, this is a no-go.
    Might be, might be not.

    Self in disappearance.
    The original version is borrowed
    Repeated in order to seduce.
    I goes over itself, recognizing
    being in becoming
    in losing and longing for

    She had existed as a rumor
    among artists for so long.
    Every word she wrote was a facsimile.
    It’s hard to say where to begin.
    Perhaps everything written about her
    is wrong.
    Perhaps this was
    her strategy.

    Or maybe not.

  • 11.06.2015 THE OWL IN DAYLIGHT — performance by Daniel Frota & Pedro Moraes



    You are warmly invited to this week’s event at San Serriffe

    a performance by Pedro Moraes and Daniel Frota


    THE OWL IN DAYLIGHT is originally the title of an unwritten book by Philip K. Dick. The novel only exists in the form of an interview transcription from 1982, the year of the author’s death, in which he describes the whole plot.

    The book is narrated from the viewpoint of a character living in a place where there is no atmosphere. Since there is no sound whatsoever, speech has never been developed.

    No words, neither verbal communication as such—the non-existence of the book tells us about the trap the author created for himself in an attempt to build a world that escapes his sensorial and linguistic condition. Now that the author is detached from his senses and doesn’t have a body anymore, the book can finally be written.

    This performance is a chapter of an exhibition by Daniel Frota and Pedro Moraes that takes place at the space 019 in Ghent. Their works are being shown in scattered interventions and performances throughout the year.

    This project was made possible with the generous support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, 019 and Smoke & Dust.

  • 21.05.2015 Launch SERVING COMPRESSED ENERGY WITH VACUUM by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven



    with a talk between Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Julie Peeters and Chris Fitzpatrick, at 8pm


    Serving Compressed Energy with Vacuum was published on the occasion of Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s eponymous solo exhibition currently on display at Kunstverein München, curated by AMVK and Chris Fitzpatrick.


    Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s corpus of interdisciplinary work, which she is still expanding daily, is fuelled by overwhelmingly wide-ranging subject matter, from Artificial Intelligence, theory and thermodynamics to the materiality of plastic and the representation of women in pre-1960s softcore pornography. Her ongoing interest in arrays, ciphers, databases, equations, files, lexicons, logs, schematics and systems all tie into Van Kerckhoven’s use of art to make sense of the world.     


    This publication, co-published by Roma Publications and Kunstverein München, brings together a collection of graphic and textual work by the artist, dating from the seventies up till 2015. Compiled and designed by Julie Peeters, the publication is enriched with translations of facsimile material and a large amount of personal comments from the artist on the selected work.

  • 30.04.2015 Launch of REPRINT by Karel Martens



    This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition of work by Karel Martens at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Besides offering a closer look at his recent free work, it also covers his approach to the teaching of graphic design. Comprising a selection of both past work and more recent applied work, it also includes new essays by David Bennewith, who examines Martens’ approach to teaching through its history and accounts from students, and Robin Kinross, who offers a meditation on Martens’ mono-prints, which demonstrate a consistent line of inquiry through his 54 years in graphic design. Martens was the recipient of the Gerrit Noordzij Prize in 2012.

    The book is designed by Karel Martens in collaboration with David Bennewith and the students of Type and Media, The Hague.

  • 16.04.2015 Launch of RETROSPECTIVE by Alberto García del Castillo


    Cesar Segarra_Alberto Garcia del Castillo_Retrospective

    a novelette by Alberto García del Castillo
    with a reading at 8 pm


    Alberto García del Castillo will read from Retrospective some comedy excerpts of science-fiction, and present some of the first writings of his upcoming editorial endeavour, ‘Fancy Dinner for Homosexuals’.

    ‘Retrospective’ is a comedy-science-fiction novelette about ‘faggotry’ and the art world; depicting a retour-au-passé in contemporary painting and waving to some of the most beautiful homosexuals on Earth. Flaunting otherness, the alert reader can follow a clerk of The Land of Sculptures whilst he encounters the pretty faces of The Painter, The Foreign Painter, The Tyrolese Painter and other people doing art and drugs. Retrospective includes “Thumbs-Up”, a superficial analysis of the normalisation of gayness; “Why Homos Are Better”, a masterpiece of investigative journalism in two parts, that originally appeared in Agony 2 (circa 1988–93), a zine edited by B. Boofy and William Bonifay; a drawing by Jurgen Ots; a photograph by César Segarra; and a poem by Lars Laumann.


    Alberto García del Castillo is a Spanish-born Latina faggot curator and writer. He is currently the chief curator of Buenos Tiempos, Int., an online exhibition space on “faggotry as it is today” and a collaborative production initiative; its most recent productions were presented in Petunia magazine and at La Loge in Brussels. His first novel, ‘Retrospective’, was published by Shelter Press in 2014.



    Image credit: César Segarra, Untitled (Berlin), 2011