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    This week at San Serriffe:





    Lecture by RICHARD VENLET
    Launch of FROM MATERIAL GESTURES TO SITUATIONS, a publication by Sandberg’s Studio for Immediate Spaces

    Lecture starts at 8pm

    The lecture of Brussels based artist-architect Richard Venlet will be accompanied by a launch of publication “From Material Gestures to Situations”. This overview of the second year of the Studio for Immediate Spaces gives us more insight in what immediate space can be.

    Richard Venlet (1964, Hamilton, Australia) is an artist-architect and creates ‘environments’ out of spaces. The viewer plays a vital part in all of this. By intervening in a space, the artist gives the viewer an experience of alienation, making him see his surroundings in a new way. The wall is a recurring element in Venlet’s minimalist formal idiom.
    One of his recent works for public space is Open Room for Monnikenheide (2006), a living room without walls but with an intriguing mirrored door in the grounds of the Monnikenheide centre for the disabled in Zoersel. Venlet was born in Australia in 1964 but now lives in Brussels. His work has been shown at the Centre for Fine Art in Brussels, the Museo Español de Arte Contemporaneo in Madrid, Galerie Bruges La Morte in Bruges, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dunkerque, the SMAK in Ghent and the FRAC in Paris.

  • 14.02.2015 Launch of NOON ON THE MOON


    Valentine’s Day, Saturday February 14, 5pm—7pm
    Launch of NOON ON THE MOON
    Poetic Series #4, a literary journal by APE – Art Projects Era


    with romantic readings by Liz Allan en Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson


    The “Poetic Series” brings together works of poetry and literature in combination with visual art, introducing young as well as established writers concerned with challenging the boundaries of traditional forms of narrative. Initiated by Keren Cytter and coedited with Fiona Bryson.

    The fourth issue in the “Poetic Series” is a seasonally themed special issue, a festive anthology composed of contributions from more than twenty writers and artists. Each interpreting the theme in an unconventional and abstract sense, it is an alternative omnibus of everyone’s favorite and most controversial holiday. Noon on the Moon’s title comes from a poem by Barry Schwabsky, featured alongside poetry by Charles Bernstein, Judith Goldman and Dorothea Lasky, prose by Veronica Gonzalez Peña, Andreas Schlaegel and Sarah Wang, amongst others. Artwork is provided in the form of a colorful collection of romance covers illustrated by Vicki Khuzami.   

    Contributions by Luna Miguel, Dafna Maimon, Pablo Larios, Bernadette Van-Huy, Mark von Schlegell, Gerry Bibby, Natalie Häusler, Josef Strau, Judith Goldman, Andrew Kerton, Robert Dewhurst, Dena Yago, Kenneth Goldsmith, Karl Holmqvist, Alejandro Cesarco, Sophie Collins, Sarah Wang, Barry Schwabsky, Dorothea Lasky, Andreas Schlaegel, Veronica Gonzalez Peña, Óscar Garcia Sierra, Matthew Dickman, Keith J Varadi, Jacob Wren, Madeline Gins, Charles Bernstein and Nora Schultz.


    Published by A.P.E (Art Projects Era) and Sternberg Press
    Design by Keren Cytter

  • 17.01.2015 San Serriffe at STEDELIJK BOOK FAIR


    Saturday January 17, 12am—6pm and Sunday January 18, 10am—6pm
    STEDELIJK BOOK FAIR at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

    In the weekend of January 17 and 18 the first book fair of the new year will take place at the Stedelijk, with a special selection of art books from the exhibition On The Move: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design. The whole weekend the largest exhibition area in the Stedelijk Museum will be filled with publishers presenting their most recent publications.
    San Serriffe will be present with a small selection of books!


    The shop in the Sint Annenstraat will be closed this day.

  • 16.01.2015 San Serriffe at A NEW DIVIDE?



    Friday January 16, 11am—5pm
    Social and economic challenges in contemporary design
    at Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

    The conference A New Divide? aims to explore the increasing divides between social and economic agendas in contemporary graphic design.
    Organised by Barbara Steiner with talks by Stuart Bailey, Bart de Baets, Rebecca Stephany, Radim Pesko and Elisabeth Klement.
    San Serriffe will be present with a selection of publications and Elisabeth will be giving a talk about how San Serriffe came about, amongst other things.


    The shop in the Sint Annenstraat will be closed this day.

  • 29.12.2014 Closed for a short winter break



    The shop will be closed from December 24 until January 4.

    Open again Thursday January 8!


    Best wishes for 2015!

  • 12.12.2014 Xtra Xmas Opening Hours


    This and the coming week, San Serriffe will be open extra hours.


    Wednesday 17/12— Saturday 20/12, 12—7

    Sunday 21/12, 12—5

    Monday 22/12—Tuesday 23/12, 12—7


    The shop will be closed from December 24 until January 4.


    Hope to see you soon! Best wishes for the new year!

  • 11.12.2014 Launch of GIRLS LIKE US 6: Secrets


    With the slide projection ‘Art History’ (2011) by Sara van der Heide, plus the usual drinks & mingle.


    The new issue explores secrets in a plethora of forms and contexts. From layered accounts of mediaeval ecstasy to the unexplored sensory experience of smell. From camouflaged play to queer readings of astrological charts and the hidden history of house music. From a very analog point of view to the outskirts of the internet.

  • 04.12.2014 Launch of SCHROFER SKETCHES with Frederike Huygen



    with a talk by editor Frederike Huygen at 8pm


    Graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer did not discard his drawings and he even kept production drawings and other pre-press material. His sketches and illustrations from the period 1950-1990 have a special visual and poetic strength. For the publication Schrofer Sketches a large selection of them has been made, introduced by an essay by Frederike Huyghen. The book also contains an extensive presentation in word and image of the design and printing process in the pre-digital era.

  • 20.11.2014 Launch of TIERGARTEN by Johannes Schwartz


    What do zookeepers feed a wild animal in captivity to keep it wild? How can this food be considered prey or sustenance when the animals are kept in a cultivated environment and no longer able, or necessitated, to hunt or forage? Johannes Schwartz explored this premise in Moscow’s city zoo, where he photographed slabs of fish, hunks of raw meat, heaps of vegetables and chunks of bread – foods commonly found in our diets, yet hardly suggestive of human consumption when presented in such a way.

    In printing the images, Schwartz experimented with dithering and an unorthodox use of colours, effectively using the risograph as a painting tool and exploiting the results.

  • 05.11.2014 The Book Society, a talk by Helen Ku and Lim Kyung Yong


    A talk about The Book Society    
    by Helen Ku and Lim Kyung Yong
    Helen Ku and Lim Kyung Yong form the publishing house Mediabus based in Seoul, South-Korea. Under this flag they organize exhibitions, publish books, work on editorial projects and run the book shop The Book Society.
    At San Serriffe, they will give an informal talk about the Korean publishing scene, the activities of The Book Society and their new project ‘A—Z’, which they are developing for the 2015 edition of the graphic design biennial Typojanchi. A—Z is a newsletter project that regards the city as an archive of typography, and features contributions by Hans Gremmen and Sandra Kassenaar & Bart de Baets, among many others.



    This evening is organised with the generous support of Casco — Office for Art, Design and Theory.