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    This week at San Serriffe:




    Celebratory launch of “French Kisses: On Tips of Tongues, and Feeling as Taste”
    Edited by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler (Side Room)


    with the touchy Sound-Lecture “Touching Tones with Tender Buttons” by Olive Michel and Fred Hystére at 8.30pm
    The publication “French Kisses: On Tips on Tongues, and Feeling as Taste” emerged out of a project of the same title, which Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler hosted in September 2015 at the art space District and other places and homes across Berlin. French Kisses was a four day gathering of a group of international cultural practitioners, friends, guests, audiences and organizers. During the four days, we thought about forms of taste which do not stem from separateness, social distance or distinction, but are based on tasting as touching, being in touch, being touched and affected.     

    During the launch event, Olive Michel and Fred Hystére will present a performance which they developed for the French Kisses days: the collective listening session – with black light and non-newtonian fluids – Touching Tones with Tender Buttons.          

    Is it us who touch the tones or is it the tones touching us? Through the nightmares of reduction, the dreams of queer seduction, the staying-in-touch and letting go. Of ringing bodies, the languages of joy and fluidifying modes of representation. Hearing as a way of touching distance, distance as a way of listening closely.

    “French Kisses: On Tips of Tongues and Feelings as Taste” is edited by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler, with an A0 poster by Felicia von Zweigbergk, a script by Olive Michel and Fred Hystére, and contributions by Aline Benecke, Hannah Black, Lotte Meret Effinger, Karlijn Eskens, Anna Frei, Max Göran, Amelia Groom, Janine Halka, Emma Haugh, Isa Hönle, Suza Husse, Fred Hystére, Andrea Caroline Keppler, Lary, Witold Leynse, Anja Lückenkemper, Olive Michel, Gabriele Netzer-Guggenbichler, Nana Owusu-Ansah, Andreea Pavel/D.R.E.E.A, Romy Rüegger, Sodi St. Jean, Lorenzo Sandoval, and Felicia van Zweigbergk.

    The performance Touching Tones with Tender Buttons is kindly supported by the Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia.

  • 11.02.2016 Launch of MECHANICAL SYSTEMS DRAWING VOL. 2 by Mathew Kneebone



    with a talk about the history of technical drawing by Mathew Kneebone at 8pm!


    “Fully submerged in the damp earth, I was deprived of visual sensation… Perhaps due to the mesmerising emptiness of the black void or else the lack of oxygen, my eyes soon made images of their own. Pulsating wires entangled before me and emitted an eerie green glow before surging brightly then fizzling away like fireworks. This combination of oscillating blotches and meandering lines crept from the corners of my vision like the growing outlines of a nervous system…”


    Mechanical System Drawings Vol. 2 brings together a collection of drawings by Mathew Kneebone whose practice encompasses writing, performance, sculptural installation and drawings. As a child, Mathew’s sister was struck by lightning during a family trip, an event which could have triggered the corpus of work Mathew is working on to this day.




    with an introduction by Mihnea Mircan & Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
    and a screening of ‘Ultimate Substance’ by Anja Kirschner & David Panos
    – A 2010 archeological study found that the prehistoric Gwion Gwion paintings in Australia, whose chromatic vividness contrasts with their age and their exposure to sun and rain, are inhabited by “living pigments.” A symbiotic biofilm of red cyanobacteria and black fungi sustains a process of permanent self-painting, while also etching the pictures deeper into the quartz wall.
    Published alongside the eponymous exhibition taking place at Extracity Kunsthal in Antwerp, the texts in the reader ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE PAINTING respond, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, to an idiosyncratic temporality and economy—or ecology—of signification. Descending from an inscrutable past to the same extent that they are made now, in a radical contemporaneity, the Gwion Gwion are examined as an allegorical metabolism that generates new articulations of “art” and “life,” contamination and purity, prehistory and modernity, bacterial and human colonies, lost knowledge and scientific advancement—collaborative relations between antonyms, altered schemas of “origin” and “identity.”     

    With contributions by Haseeb Ahmed, Ignacio Chapela, Justin Clemens, Georges Didi-Huberman, Jonathan Dronsfield, Christopher Fynsk, Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Natasha Ginwala & Vivian Ziherl, Adam Staley Groves, Sean Gurd, Adam Jasper, Susanne Kriemann, Brenda Machosky, Mihnea Mircan, Alexander Nagel, Rosalind Nashashibi, Tom Nicholson, Jack Pettigrew, Raphaël Pirenne, Susan Schuppli, Lucy Steeds, Jonas Leonard Tinius, Marina Vishmidt, Christopher Witmore, and Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll
    Designed by Remco van Bladel and co-published by Mousse     


    – “CROSS-EXAMINATIONS is an exercise in writing, erasing, and rewriting. Its four, increasingly layered iterations interrogate issues pertaining to torture, pain, and being. They engage a series of texts and works, such as an exchange between Heidegger and Jünger, poetry by John Donne and Jean Daive, a novel by Nachoem Wijnberg, Cranach’s ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Catherine’, Broodthaers’s ‘Fémur d’homme belge’ and ‘Fémur de la femme française’. A constant attempt to reassess its own claims, ‘Cross-Examinations’ is a palimpsest, printed and reprinted until the ink becomes page.”
    Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei


    With contributions by: Nicoline van Harskamp, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Willem Oorebeek & Léon Spilliaert, Anja Kirschner & David Panos
    Designed by Remco van Bladel and co-published by MER

  • 14.01.2016 Reading from Peter Handke’s TO DURATION


    A reading from TO DURATION by Peter Handke
    Translated by Scott Abbott
    Published by The Last Books, an initiative of Phil Baber and Snejanka Mihaylova


    Duration is my redemption,
    it allows me to walk and to be.
    Inspired by duration,
    I am also those others who stood at Griffen Lake before my time,     
    who will circle the Porte d’Auteuil after me,
    with whom, all of them, I will have walked
    to the Fontaine Sainte-Marie.
    Braced by duration,
    I, a fleeting being,
    carry my predecessors and posterity on my shoulders,
    a load that lifts.
    That is why duration was called a grace,
    and don’t its images and tones have
    the requisite shimmer and sound?     

  • 25.12.2015 Holiday until January 14


    San Serriffe will be closed for holidays and renovation until January 14!

  • 21.12.2015 Extra opening hours this week!


    Monday—Wednesday, 12—7
    Thursday, 12—4



    X-Mas gift ideas


    JONAS MEKAS – SCRAPBOOK OF THE SIXTIES | Edited by Anne König | Designed by Fabian Bremer and Pascal Storz | Published by Spector Books | 456p, €28

    MINDERS | a novel by Matthew Stadler | Published by Back Door Books and Publication Studio Rotterdam | 606p, €23

    SEVEN WORK BALLETS ~ Mierle Laderman Ukeles | Texts by Kari Conte, Krist Gruijthuijsen and Mierle Laderman Ukeles | Designed by Marc Hollenstein | Published by Sternberg Press and Kunstverein | 323p, €30

    ANDRE BARRY HUEBLER KOSUTH LEWITT MORRIS WEINER (also known as the ‘Xerox Book’) | Curated by Siegelaub/Wendler | Republished by Roma Publications, Stedelijk Museum, De Appel, Egress Foundation | 372p, €29,50

    NEW THEATER – SELECTED PLAYS 2013-2015 | 186p, €24

    FUCK SETH PRICE | a novel by Seth Price | Published by The Leopard Press | 124p, €19

    SET by Na Kim | Texts by Seewon Hyun and Wonhwa Yoon | Designed by Joris Kritis | Published by Roma Publications | 122p, €30

    Also available: mystery records from NEARLY NOT THERE RECORDS!

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  • 12.12.2015 Launch of DARK & STORMY 6


    Banner DNS6

    This time Dark and Stormy is all about 20 Mothers, aquarium ornaments, artists, bands and songs to listen to after death grips, Battle Royale, Betamine, BBC crimis, bio-pics, BLACKHANDPATH, blindness, Bono, books, braids, the Cat of the Year, Chicken McNugget, cooking, Courtney Love, Damon Albarn, Dirty Dancing, drawers, dreamers, earthquakes, Easthertfordshire punks, ex-girlfriends, EYE film museum, fabulous hair, Fire Fish, fishing, gender, gravity, Harðfiskur, Hotel California, intercourse, iPhone 6, Irish folk music, kidnapping, Malt Beer, Mega Hung Super Cock, men, Morrisey, Mr. Push Up, N01D3D, NAH, Natalie Imbruglia, Neighbours, Nickelback’s Hero, onions, Pablo Picasso, painters, Panama, panini, park benches, people, Rasputin, roommates, Ruby Rose, sculptors, searchers, shit sandwich, Si Chuan, Simon Carmiggelt, singing, Spiderman, taxis in Istanbul and the Balkans, thinkers, train rides in Paris, trains, tigers, waiting rooms, a wedding in Florence, writers, the Year of the Cat…     

    Dark and Stormy is a fanzine about writers block, black holes and surprising come-backs by Rustan Söderling and Bart de Baets.     

    With contributions by Arnar Ásgeirsson, Shehab Awad, Bart de Baets, Staffan Björk, Kevin Bray, Lou Buche, Uffe Christensen, Ben Clark, Julian Cope, Dante Carlos, Susan Gibb, Dave Green, Will Holder, Johan Jensen Kjeldsen, Jan van der Kleijn, Elisabeth Klement, Steve Korver, Egle Kulbokaite, Julia Künzi, Lieven Lahaye, Kaisa Lassinaro, Elsa Manceaux, Guy Mount, Steinunn Marta Önnudóttir, Mylou Oord, Carl Palm, Julie Peeters, Jack Randol, Julio Reyes Montesinos, Mathias Ringgenberg, Rustan Söderling, Cecile Taffanelli, Per Törnberg, Pieter Verbeke, Herman Verhagen, Tore Wallert, Dan Walwin, Werker, Aline Weyel, and Celina Yavelow…

  • 10.12.2015 Launch of BOOOOOK – The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing



    with a talk by William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper at 8pm


    Bob Cobbing (1920-2002) was a major exponent of concrete, visual and sound poetry in Britain. His performances of printed sound poems involved stretching language through the deployment of shouts, hisses, groans, interspersed between more recognisable tracts of spoken word.
    Cobbing’s entry into the world of concrete poetry came in 1964, with the writing of his alphabetical sequence ‘ABC In Sound’, recorded for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He was also committed to the promotion and publication of other poets, artists and writers’ works. Through the Writers’ Forum he published more than 1,000 pamphlets by Jeff Nuttall and Dom Sylvester Houédard and many others.
    From 1965 to 1967 he managed the legendary bookstore Better Books. While he was there, Cobbing published texts by Allen Ginsberg and John Cage, and vinyl records of sound poetry by Henri Chopin and Francois Dufrene. The Better Books programme, ‘Cinema 65’, led to the formation of the London Filmmakers’ Co-op.

    Bob Jubilé is a year-long program devoted to the career and legacy of Bob Cobbing, organised by William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper. This program resulted in the publication Boooook, published by Occasional Papers this autumn. During the launch at San Serriffe, Cooper and Cobbing will give a talk about the work of Cobbing and introduce the contributions from the book by Gustav Metzger, Will Holder, Arnaud Desjardin and others.

  • 03.12.2015 Launch of THREE EXCHANGES by Zachary Formwalt


    An Unknown Quantity LARGE 005

    In three recent video installations – and in the three chapters of the book Three Exchanges -, Zachary Formwalt focuses on the architecture of OMA’s new Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam stock and commodities exchange by H.P. Berlage.
    Although our economy is dictated by financial transactions, the activity of trading itself has become increasingly remote, without actual human encounter. The architecture of the two buildings serves as a starting point for a investigation into the limitations of photography to represent global capital and into the interrelationships between financial capitalism and image-making.      

    The book features contributions by Eric de Bruyn, Joshua Simon and Zachary Formwalt, and is co-published by Roma Publications, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, MoCAB (Belgrade) and KIOSK (Ghent).     

    This event is made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds.

  • 19.11.2015 John Holten reads from OSLO, NORWAY



    John Holten published his first novel The Readymades in 2011 (with artwork by Darko Dragicevic). The art group he created in the novel, The LGB Group, enjoyed exhibitions in many cities as well as being included in The Armory Show, New York in 2012.


    Oslo, Norway is his second novel and is an intriguing story of love and loss that begins in the affluent and rapidly growing city of Oslo, Norway. It follows the story of William Day, an economic migrant who moves to the city to work as a mechanical engineer before chance thrusts him into the alluring world of Sybille and her artist friend Camille. As they do their best to reconcile growing differences in personality and culture, Camille’s growing influence over Sybille threatens the relationship, before her dangerous friends in the Oslo underworld finally undo William’s search for stability. This sets William – and the reader – in the direction of the novel’s horizon, which is set outside of historical time and space, taking in the history of oil exploration, Norse mythology, coronal mass ejections and post-apocalyptic landscapes.     


    As well as working as an editor, John Holten has written collaborative texts for a number of artists and his writing has appeared in numerous publications. His work has appeared in many international contemporary art settings such as Malmö konsthall, The White Building London, David Zwirner Gallery New York (with Aengus Woods), NGBK and Agora, Berlin and Villa Romana, Florence amongst others. His video commercials for Oslo, Norway have been exhibited in Plan B Gallery and Team Titanic, Berlin, Extrapool, Nijmegen and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna.